Stream Line (Chris Welsby, 1976) vs Confessions of a Driving Instructor (Norman Cohen, 1976)

confessionsWelsby’s contemplative unfolding space juxtaposed with those more frenetic and exploitative spaces unnaturally bared in Confessions of a Driving Instructor.


Billy Liar (John Schlesinger, 1963)

Julie The joyous eye-lined jolt of the cut that reveals Christie on the balcony shining above the small-mind  darkness below.

On Finding Words #1

SetsukoCertain moving images can conjure moments when the movement from friend to lover is defined by gesture, look and language.

Edwige Fenech – The Julie Christie of Giallo?








Her screen presence (in the simplest sense) thrills me  like the simple presence of certain people present in  my life.

This Sporting Life (Lindsay Anderson, 1963) – Richard Harris

HarrisThe brutal noise of Harris’s performance is amplified by the limited spaces – each gesture magnified within such a tightly-framed life.

Cool It Carol! (Pete Walker, 1970)

coolitcarol01_2The reality of London differs from the fantasy they longed for. The dirty streets become the space between these poles.