The Skin of the Frame

Beginning off-screen and beyond then thrusting inward; a movement that forever ruptures the sanctity of the skin of the frame.


Cool It Carol! (Pete Walker, 1970)

Revelation, here, becomes a varied discovery of both the places you have dreamed about and the failings you fear revealed.

Bronco Bullfrog (Barney Platts-Mills, 1970)

Only the briefest respite offered here because the world just spins too tight and small and slowly for us all.

Robin Askwith

Robin Smile

Faces loom and shine here like new stars spied hanging in the night for the very first time every time.

Bronco Bullfrog (Barney Platts-Mills, 1970)

Bike1Bike2Bike3Bike4Bike5Bike6Few moments in film really capture the sweetness of a freedom at once lyrical, liberating, limiting yet, ultimately, inevitably, lost.

Cliff Richard – Serious Charge (Terence Young, 1959)

Cliff 3Cliff 4Cliff 6

Each frame here is charged with both innocence and a beguiling intent made all the more compelling by the stillness.

Rita Tushingham – A Taste of Honey (Tony Richardson, 1961)

Charting the shift from desertion to independence, independence to isolation, isolation to friendship, and from friendship back to a desertion.tushingham_in_taste_of_honeytaste 2